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Straighten your shots immediately with the HEMI Rod, made by Swingraphics.

One of the most critical aspects of the golf swing is the position of the head during the swing. Many professional golfers and instructors will tell you, keeping your head still during the swing is absolutely critical. Others say some lateral motion is normal. In any case, head motion is hard to detect during the swing. The Head Motion Indicator (HEMI) Rod enables you to see this motion very easily and accurately.

Perfect for practice at the driving range, or with a net in the backyard using real balls, or wiffle balls.

Photo 1 shows the head and ball centered in the viewing frame.
Photo 2 shows the head left of the ball.
Photo 3 shows the head right of the ball.
Photos 4 & 5 show the HEMI Rod.
Photos 6 & 7 show the HEMI Rod being used.

Get a HEMI Rod and improve your game today!

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